Best Amino Acids

The importance of amino acids for human well-being

Amino acids are at the basis of all life processes, as they are absolutely essential for every metabolic process.

Among their most important tasks are the:

  • optimal transport and
  • optimal storage of all nutrients
    (i.e. water, fat, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins).

The majority of health issues such as obesity, high-cholesterol levels, diabetes, insomnia, erectile dysfunction or arthritis can essentially be traced back to metabolic disturbances. This also applies to hair loss and serious cases of wrinkle formation.

This is why it is important to act sooner rather than later to ensure that the essential amino acids are available to the body in sufficient quantities.

Unfortunately this cannot be guaranteed nowadays, due to the poor quality of our diet. This is why supplementation with amino acids is recommended.

Below are some of the leading Amino Acid supplements on the market.


1) Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium Dietary Supplement


High Absorption Magnesium contains elemental magnesium chelated with the amino acids glycine and lysine.
As an essential dietary mineral, magnesium plays many important roles which include: helping cells produce metabolic energy, supporting optimum nerve function, helping muscles relax properly and maintaining a healthy heartbeat.
Glycine has been shown to be an efficient carrier for minerals that facilitate absorption in the intestinal tract.

2) Creative Bioscience 1234 Diet Drops


1234 diet drops is a dynamic diet supplement designed for rapid weight loss.
It contains select aminos and herbal extracts such as Maca, Pygeum, Rhodiola, and Astragalus, ingredients clinically supported to promote fat metabolism and provide essential nutrition.
Based on Dr. Albert Simeons’ revolutionary research, the goal of 1234 diet drops dieting is to burn fat quickly, then maintain ideal body weight.

3) Optimum Nutrition BCAA Capsules

Anabolic & Anti-Catabolic Muscle Support

Used before endurance training, the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) leucine, isoleucine and valine can help spare muscle.
Used after strength training, they help kick-start protein synthesis which plays an important role in muscle building.
ON’s BCAA 1000 Caps deliver 1000 mg of BCAAs per serving in the preferred 2:1:1 ratio of leuncine to isoleucine and valine.

4) BulkSupplements Pure BCAA 2:1:1


  • 100% pure powder. No fillers.
  • Lab tested for verification & guaranteed purity
  • Instantized Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine in a 2:1:1 ratio
  • Non-GMO & Kosher

5) Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

Train Longer and Harder with Intense Energy and Focus

There are times when you want a hefty dose of caffeine for pre-workout performance.
But on other occasions, like first thing in the morning or a late afternoon pick-me-up, what you’d get from a cup of coffee is more appropriate.
ON’s Essential Amino Energy offers the best of both with a formula that delivers 100mg of caffeine from natural sources per 2-scoop serving.
Decrease or increase the energy level as the occasion demands.
Each serving provides 5 grams of micronized amino acids for muscle support.